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Waisted Dolls by Cherry

Welcome to Waisted Dolls by Cherry

Benefits of a Waist  Training Corset:

•    High compression helps to firm and tone your stomach, love handles and lower belly fat.
•    Aids post pregnancy body restoration
•    Miro-massage increases blood circulation and stimulates perspiration (sweat) on your abdominal area.
•    Offers back support
•    Wear to the gym, walking the dog, at work.
•    Promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind each day
•    Aids back pain as offers back support
•    Cinches your waist helping you achieve “cola bottle” curves
•    Can be worn everyday
•    Wear under clothes for instant results
•    Is adjustable so as you slim you tighten.
•    Don’t expect to see results if continuing to fill your body with junk food this product aides in promoting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle is 
     isn’t magic but results have been proven


Welcome to Waisted Dolls by Cherry

Physical Benefits of Waist Training CorsetsWearing a corset goes beyond the aesthetic appeal and can also provide physical benefits:

1) Lumbar support: A Waist Training Corset can provide back support and improve posture.  There is no such thing as slouching when wearing a corset, and when bending over you will engage the legs and gluteal muscles which protects your back as well as working those muscles.  It is great for wearing at the office or while typing on a computer so as to avoid neck and shoulder pain from hunching forward.  

2) Reduction in Migraines/Headaches: Also related to a change in posture, a Waist Training Corset can also alleviate Migraines or Headaches which are rooted in neck or shoulder tension.  
3) Correction of other Skeletal Issues: Through posture correction, wearing a corset can help correct other skeletal issues and relieve pressure on knees and feet

4) Change in Body Morphology: A Waist Training Corset can help a woman achieve a change in shape through change in fat pad and muscle morphology. This can benefit women who are looking to obtain an hourglass figure, but is also widely used in body building and fitness competitions to gain a competitive edge.

5) Reducing Menstrual Cramps:  The gentle pressure the corset applies to the lower stomach area provides relief in the same way as laying in the fetal position. 


Welcome to Waisted Dolls by Cherry



I love Waist Trainers

" I love Waist Trainers, they really keep my curves on another level "

I jumped right back in my waist shaper

" Like I said before, as soon as Thanksgiving was over, I jumped right back in my waist shaper lol. "

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